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NHL Rumors: Carolina Hurricanes and Edmonton Oilers Sport-rated




The Carolina Hurricanes had an interest in Max Domi, tyler bertuzzi other thymus meier

NHL watchers: The Carolina Hurricanes were outbid by Detroit Red Wings forward Tyler Bertuzzi, according to Pierre LeBrun.

LeBrun also said the Hurricanes had offered the San Jose Sharks six assets for Timo Meier.

NHL watchers: Pierre LeBrun said on TSN that the Hurricanes had a trade to acquire Chicago Blackhawks forward Max Domi back at this trade deadline. He had acquired it at the last installment.

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The Oilers made a legitimate offer for Timo Meier and had an interest in Zack MacEwan

sports network: Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek on 32 Thoughts on the Edmonton Oilers and their interest in Timo Meier and Zack MacEwan.

** Transcript from NHL

Friedman “I think everyone is wondering what didn’t happen that was talked about or could have happened, and to me, one of the most fascinating things is that the Edmonton Oilers made a legitimate pitch for Timo Meier.

Well, obviously, it didn’t happen. They traded him to the New Jersey Devils, but the Oilers took a long hard look at it and, from what I understand, made an offer. They were looking at it like, we’ll bring it in and figure everything out in the summer after the season, but they wanted it for the playoffs. I thought that was a very interesting idea.

I think Calgary looked at him too, but they’d be more interested in him if they could sign him, which Meier obviously hasn’t.

But Edmonton Jeff was willing to do it and let things take their course.

Marek: “One more thing about the Edmonton Oilers outside of Timo Meier. I think the Oilers at least had internal conversations about bringing in Zack MacEwan, the tough Maritimo.

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There are many people in and around the Edmonton Oilers team who really coveted his toughness. I thought it might fit. There were the discussions, in the end he went who knows where. Zach MacEwen ended up being traded to the Los Angeles Kings for brendan lemieux and a fifth

But yeah, Ron, they had those discussions about MacEwan.